Project Update: Sweetwater Creek Restoration Project, Boulder, UT

A quiver of lath ready for staking out a brand new section of meandering channel and floodplain for a straightened and incised reach of Sweetwater Creek.

Watershed Artisans, Inc. and Oxbow Ecological Engineering (OEE) collaborated on the assessment, design, and construction of a project to restore stream function and stability to a 1,000 foot long reach of Sweetwater Creek. As the Engineer of Record, OEE completed field work and a geomorphic assessment for a 1,000 foot long ecologically and geomorphically impaired reach of Sweetwater Creek. As part of the assessment, OEE completed Rosgen Level II geomorphic analysis including cross-sections and topographic surveys for the impaired reach. OEE coordinated closely with Watershed Artisans in the development of permitting and construction plans for earthwork and low impact stream structures. Watershed Artisans was the contractor for the project and completed construction in 2016.