Project Update: Rock Bottom Ranch Natural Playscape, Basalt, CO

The finished playscape water feature (Photo By Fred O. Phillips)

The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) implemented a project on their Rock Bottom Ranch property to improve educational opportunities at the site. Fred Phillips Consulting, LLC was the lead designer for site improvements, which included trails, eco-education stations, a gathering area, and a natural playscape. As part of the natural playscape, an interactive water feature was constructed to demonstrate a number of natural habitat features and encourage exploration of these habitats. Oxbow Ecological Engineering, LLC collaborated with Fred Phillips Consulting, LLC on the design of the water feature, which incorporated spring, step-pool stream, riffle-pool stream, marsh, moist soil/bog, riparian/floodplain, & backwater habitats. OEE then developed a construction package for the natural playscape water feature that included sealed drawings, specifications, and engineer’s estimate. In addition, OEE also provided site layout/staking services for the water feature. Without a doubt this was one of the funnest designs I’ve had the opportunity to work on!

Plan view model of the water feature developed by Oxbow Ecological Engineering.